The lives of children you’ve left untouched while spending a fortune to raise your kids will eventually come to make life unbearable for your kids. Seeing the society as an Ecosystems will make us have a rethink. You can’t be alone even if you build a self-contained castle with a 40ft wall, someone will stay there with you. At least your wife/husband is another man’s daughter/son, please don’t forget that… that man or woman is also part of the ecosystem

Even If you are not compassionate, I guess you will agree with me that helping a kid in need now will help protect the lives of your kids in future from those kids that would have turned to endanger them.
The best security for your kids is not to keep them behind the walls of your house but to help other kids achieve their goals in life. Sometimes you don’t need fortunes to achieve this, most times what you need is the readiness to offer a shoulder for them to lean on, love, encouragement… I am not writing based on abstraction but I have been on the field enough to be able to tell you all that.
Let me use my father’s words

“it is good to be good but it is very had to be good but if you are good, good things will come to you”

Have you ever asked yourself the difference between you and an armed robber?
Simple answer: Opportunity
You are opportuned to have that parents that can send you to school and set your foot on the right path, you are opportuned to meet that guy or lady that mentored you, you are opportuned to gain that scholarship, you are opportuned to have that person who talked sense into you…
My friend, you did not work all those things out on your own, you are not the one who brought all those things on your own path. Those guys you called “bad boys of the street” only lacked the opportunity you enjoyed. Some of our leaders today would not have been who they are today if not for the opportunities that were made available to them

Make that opportunity available to others too

As an African, I believe the foundation of our existence is humanitarianism, collectivism, and togetherness. When it comes to helping people, thinking like a foundational African person..

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