The Issue
According International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) at times, 17 goals and 169 targets can seem overwhelming not to mention the 231 indicators to measure the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]. As the 2030 Agenda was specifically designed to show the complexity of sustainable development and the interconnectedness of economics, social issues and the environment. Therefore, it is of great importance that, to achieve the SDGs we need to develop solution that are driven by sustainable innovations. More so, these solutions must be spearheaded by the young one because the future that we are trying to build is the present they are going to live in, therefore they must be involved in building that future.
It is a common fact that ideas that leads to great innovation requires a lot to come by but with help from older idea generators and innovators we can help provoke the creative minds of young people in birthing their dream of solving the problems our world is dealing with.

The Activity
During the innovation for SDGs [i4SDGs] engagement the students were taught the process of critical thinking and idea generation and how these ideas can be designed in a sustainable way.
The participants were taken through the 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals and goals were discussed explicitly. The students were shown how all these goals seek to address one problem or the other. They were grouped into two, made up of students from junior and secondary school and they were made to deliberate on how they can solve the problems facing the world and Nigeria by adopting one of the sustainable goals.
The event lasted for 1 hours with teachers and headmaster in attendance.

The Outcomes
At the end of our Innovation for SDGs training we were able to engage and train 71 teenagers from both junior and secondary school on how to generate ideas and turn those ideas into workable solutions that can solve problems facing our society with a business model.
The participants at the end of the of the engagement were allowed to ask questions as well as contribute their own views and perception about SDGs. For the students to be able to work together to create a viable idea that can stand the test of time, we created 2 group of 10 students in each group that will be saddle with responsibility of representing the school at the ground finale of i4SDGs.

Pictures were taken with the students well as the teachers of the school. In the picture the students were handed all the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs as well as world merit placard.

Global Citizenship
During the engagement the students were made to see reasons why most of the issues the SDGs was designed to solve is a problem facing everyone all over the world, looking at how crisis can impact education, how urbanization has been a big issue for food production and job creation…
The team lead, John Oluwafemi Olla, also introduce the concept of global citizens for them to break the barriers of low self-esteem that they might have built for themselves.
The students of Wisdom Ace Schools now see themselves as citizens of the world with the mandate to find sustainable solutions to the problem of the world at large, starting from their communities without leaving anyone behind.
Number of Participants: 145
Age range: 13-18 years of age

The Programme: Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals (i4SDGs)
…helping young people create sustainable solutions to help achieve SDGs

Organization: Edunamoo Transformation Global Initiative (ETGIN)
Website: | +2347030658304
Email: [email protected]

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